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Melaleuca Oil - Color change and uneven quality

Melaleuca Oil - Color change and uneven quality

Have you ever wondered why when buying cajeput oil from the same supplier on two different occasions, the color of the oil is different? When the white is pleasantly fragrant, sometimes the yellow is noticeably darker? Sometimes the color is dark yellow but fragrant, why is it sometimes white and light in color?

This comes from the extraction of Melaleuca oil from Melaleuca leaves completely from nature. Manual distillation of cajeput oil can lead to color changes and uneven quality, and this is completely normal.

There are many factors that can affect the color and flavor of cajeput oil, including:

- Old or young Melaleuca leaves.
- Fresh or dried leaves.
- Time to cook oil in the dry season or the rainy season.
- Bottle of cajeput oil.

If the Melaleuca leaves are old, they will give a more yellow, darker color. If the melaleuca leaves are too young, the color will be very pale and the smell will be lighter. If fresh melaleuca leaves are cooked immediately, they will give off a lighter color. Melaleuca leaves dried in the sun will have a darker color. In the dry season, the cooking oil content will be higher and the color will be darker. The color of cajeput oil also depends on the type of bottle, with different colors when viewed from small bottles and large bottles.

Therefore, to get a standard and best quality cajeput oil bottle, you need to buy from reliable suppliers. Love Baby is one of them, with Melaleuca oil extracted entirely from natural Melaleuca trees and hand-distilled to ensure excellent quality and taste. Try and feel the difference that Love Baby Melaleuca Oil brings to you!

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