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Discover the fascinating history of Loc Thuy Melaleuca Oil

Discover the fascinating history of Loc Thuy Melaleuca Oil

The miracle remedy that has been passed down through generations in the land of Phu Loc. For years, the locals have used this oil to treat malaria, cough, cold, wind, typhoid, and insect bites, among other ailments. But where did this incredible oil come from?

In the early 1900s, the land of Nuoc Ngot (Loc Thuy) was a wild and desolate place, difficult to travel and sparsely inhabited. In 1925, Belgian Father Raphaël Antoine Fasseaux, also known as Co Phuong, was sent by the Diocese of Hue to build a church and spread Catholicism in the area. He soon realized that the local people were suffering from frequent epidemics and needed a remedy.

After studying the trees in the area, Father Fasseaux discovered that the land was abundant with wild Melaleuca trees. He found that the essential oil extracted from these trees could be used to treat a variety of illnesses, and even repel mosquitoes and insects. Over time, he taught the locals how to extract the oil and use it for medicinal purposes.

Father Raphaël Antoine Fasseaux

Today, Loc Thuy Melaleuca Oil is a well-known brand both at home and abroad. The pharmaceutical industry has researched and developed the Melaleuca tree, which is used as a cough medicine, mouthwash, antiseptic, and treatment for insect bites, among other things. Loc Thuy Melaleuca oil is particularly prized for its unique blend of cajeput oil, which is extracted using a special method and is known for its superior quality.

Loc Thuy is a special place where Melaleuca oil has been cooked and used for generations. On National Highway 1A through Loc Thuy commune, there are hundreds of stalls selling and cooking oil with different brands. But it is the unique soil, water, and climate of this low-lying land that give Loc Thuy Melaleuca Oil its distinct flavor and therapeutic properties.

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